Assist Teachers

School Technology and YOU can Assist Teachers

If you are looking to make extra money, you can do so by becoming a teacher assistant. There is no specific education degree required for this job. However, most of… Read more
Teachers Help Teachers

Apps Help Teachers Help Teachers

Teachers are amongst the most talented professionals out there. Its not really surprising to learn that teachers help teachers survive day to day, school year to school year.  A day… Read more
Aitsl Teaching Standards

AITSL Teaching Standards

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership was established in 2021 to promote and develop the AITSL Teaching Standards.  The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership comprises of a… Read more
Code Of Conduct For Teachers

Understanding The Code Of Conduct For Teachers

A code of conduct for teachers is essentially a set of recommended practices and rules of behavior that outline the range of expected ethical behaviors in the classroom. Teachers who… Read more
Teaching Standards

Professional Teaching Standards

Codes of Ethics for Professional Teachers are designed to provide a standard framework that states what professional teaching standards can be expected to be observed in their classrooms. These standards… Read more