Higher Learning Center: What Is It?

DACC Higher Learning Center situated in Hoopeston, IL has been offering courses online since 1998. This institution offers online training in eight professional certifications, with the most widely recognized qualifications being Certified Nursing Assistant (Certified Nursing Assistant – CNA) and Advanced Welding Certificate. The latter two certifications are for professionals working in welding, pipe fitting or any other industry where they work with metal, iron or heat-resistant materials. With the aim of developing trained professionals, the DACC offers a choice of courses at its Hoopeston,IL location or online.

Higher Learning Center


As per the US Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), DACC is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs (CAAP) and is one of eighteen such associations across the country which are accredited by the U.S. Department of Education. At the time of this writing, seven out of twelve states in the US are involved in the CAAP Accreditation Process. For further details on the additional locations of DACC, their website can be browsed and a list of all of its course offerings, along with their respective rankings, can be viewed. The official website can also be contacted for more information on enrolment and course renewal, if any, along with the services provided. In addition, for prospective students and parents, there is an address and phone number listed as well as contact details.

Education Center
Education Center

The other place of higher learning center in Hoopeston is the Illinois School of Nursing and Healthcare Academy which is accredited by the Illinois Council for Vocational and Professional Education (ICVPPE). This institution offers two levels of education namely the Associates Degree in Nursing and the Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Both of these are specialized degrees and take approximately two years to complete. The Associate Degree in Nursing requires that participants have at least a diploma in a related health care field, whereas the Bachelors Degree in Nursing is a more advanced degree and requires participants to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related area of nursing. The programs are both awarded by the school and students have the option of either attending in-person at the campus or taking courses online through the Internet.

Another higher learning center in Hoopeston is St. John’s College where all disciplines of study are offered in house and through the in-person teaching staff. Courses include business administration, criminal justice, education, healthcare, public administration, sociology and statistics. There are also career counseling, Certificate in Social Service, Certificate in Training and Development, and Certificate in Human Services. A student can opt for in-person instruction in specific areas of specialization like psychology, law enforcement, and healthcare management. There is a minor in foreign languages which is also available at this institution.

For those students who prefer an in-person instruction at a center while pursuing their studies, there is the Linden University located in Portland, Oregon. It offers Bachelor and Doctorate degrees in business and management, nursing, social sciences, and education. Apart from the regular classes, they offer specialty courses like the Global Study of Management and the Masters in Business Administration. The Bachelor’s program in Business Administration focuses on global management issues and the curriculum includes skill tests and internships.

Learning Center
Learning Center

The National Association for Home schooling Educational Institutions (NAHBETI) offers courses in all disciplines, including education, English, history, science, and technology. Their website has detailed information about how to enroll in their programs. There are several regional accreditation agencies which offer higher education degrees through NALA accreditation. They are Accreditation Commission for Business Schools and Programs (ACAUP) and Northwest Commission on Colleges and Higher Education (CCEHT). In addition, these regional accreditation agencies are members of the Northwest Commission on Higher Education (WCHE) and Western Association of Colleges and Schools (WACS).

All the regional accreditation agencies maintain a list of degree providers with recognized credentials. In the U.S., several regional accreditation agencies have accreditation process peer reviews. They check the quality of education provided by the provider and pass an evaluation of their specific regulations. These agencies also evaluate the curriculum, student services, assessment tools, teaching support and staff training and education policies. In case of a problem, the agency sends a report to the U.S. Department of Education’s College accreditation office.

Before deciding on which higher learning center to opt for, students should research well on the facilities, services, tuition fees, cost of degrees, and quality of education. They should also compare the packages and scholarships which are offered by different institutions. It is important to ensure that the institution that they will choose will be able to give quality education along with having a good accreditation process. If a student chooses a good but not accredited HLC, then he/she may face difficulties in getting a higher education from other accredited institutions in the future. They can also lose the opportunity to pursue a higher education after graduation because the U.S. Department of Education will not recognize the degree that was received from that college.

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